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Becoming Mother Nature

When Chloe is sent off to live with her mysterious and eccentric grandmother she learns an unbelievable secret. Grandma Ivy is none other than Mother Nature herself! And Chloe is next in line to assume to the power and responsibility of the job. Can a twelve-year old learn to balance the entire world’s ecosystem while just trying to fit in at her new school? Only Mother Nature knows.

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Kazue Togasaki, Hidden Hero of History
00:13:43 | Season: 3 |Episode: 53 | September 22nd, 2022

A story of duty, dedication, and deliveries! Dr. Kazue Togasaki was one of the first Japanese American women to become a doctor in the US. Inspired by her experience in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, she overcame gender and racial barriers to start her own medical practice. But it was living in a Japanese internment camp during World War II where she showed her moxie – setting up make-shift facilities to provide vital health care to her community and delivering over 10,000 babies during the course of her career. 

The Tornado Two-Step
00:14:25 | Season: 3 |Episode: 52 | September 8th, 2022

There’s tension in the Folktale Forest! Two friends clash over blueprints for Midge the Pidge’s new birdhouse. As their issues begin to spiral out of control, they learn the legend of Pecos Bill – the rootinest-tootinest, roughest, toughest cowboy who tamed a tumultuous tornado and created the Grand Canyon. Yippee-ki-yay! The tall tale ultimately calms their chaos and carves a path towards a cordial compromise. 

Masterpiece Stories: The Tortoise and the Hare
00:24:51 | August 25th, 2022

Perhaps you've heard of a certain race between a smart-but-slow-moving tortoise and a quick-on-their-feet hare? In our bonus episode, Masterpiece Stories, our friends Alexa, Bristol, and Charlotte – the kids behind the mic of the magnificent ABC Story Sisters podcast – will whisk you off to classic fable land with the original “Tortoise and the Hare.'' Then, you will hear our Dorktales’ contemporary take, “Ready, Set, Slow!”, where Tortoise never gives up and never surrenders! Join us for this exciting literary journey – from the classic to the contemporary.

Tuning-in to Newsy Pooloozi!
00:23:35 | August 11th, 2022

Mr. Redge wonders where he’ll get his daily dose of adventure while Jonathan takes a storytelling break to spend time planting and tending his garden. All it takes is turning on their magical radio to tune-in to Newsy Pooloozi, the Common Sense Media news podcast pick for curious kids (and hedgehogs). In this episode, mother-daughter duo, Lyndee and Leela, talk about the hopes for earth-saving plastic trees and the surprising benefits of zoo poo!

Winnie-the-Pooh Meets Kanga and Roo
00:16:03 | Season: 8 |Episode: 7 | August 10th, 2022

Who is this strange new animal that bounces around and keeps her son on her pocket?

Winnie-the-Pooh: Eeyore’s Birthday
00:14:51 | Season: 8 |Episode: 6 | August 3rd, 2022

It’s Eeyore’s birthday… But has everyone forgotten?

Mary Had a Little, Yes And
00:16:32 | Season: 3 |Episode: 51 | July 28th, 2022

It’s the perfect day for pure play! Sherlock Nettlesbee, the great deducing squirrel detective, joins Jonathan and Mr. Redge in an afternoon of imagination and good old-fashioned make believe. When their cloud gazing doesn’t cut it, Sherlock declares that “the Improv Game is afoot!” Can the trio find inspiration from Mary and her little lamb, Lula? Yes and…they’re sure to find a whole-lotta playful, floofy fun everywhere they go!

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