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Oh Muses! Hear our podcast and allow us to recall some of the greatest stories ever told. Stories of gods and goddesses, monsters, and heroes! Enjoy this kid-friendly retelling of classic ancient Greek myths for the whole family.

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Episode 34: Falling With Style
51:01 | Season: 1 | Episode: 34 | June 24th, 2024

Kea and team start to make their way north, into the Storm Wood. They want to get to Scarlet Hill before Zarr and see if Kea can save her grandfather Gunther. But taking to skies seems to give them nothing but trouble!

S10E9 – Ancients: They’re Just Like Us!
00:26:23 | Season: 10 | Episode: 9 | June 21st, 2024

Oh Muses! We are looking back at what ancient people have left us. In this episode we encounter bad customer reviews, the names of ancient dogs, vibes-based history, daily life in the ancient world, and some fun stories that aren’t true. You can listen to Greeking Out two weeks early and ad free on Wondery+! What’s that? You want another book? Okay!: https://bit.ly/grkoutbk2

Encore: The Friend Ship
00:22:28 | June 18th, 2024

Carra Patterson (Rustin, Elsbeth) stars in a tale from Japan about a woman with enough generosity to last a lifetime, and a man with enough greed to sink a ship.

Episode 33: The Lore You Know
52:10 | Season: 1 | Episode: 33 | June 18th, 2024

Kea finally catches up with her old buddy Maude. Turns out there was more to her, Beryl and Harwick than met the eye. And now it seems Kea isn’t the only one that Zarr Bloodhoof has a grudge against!

Episode 61: Baba Yaga
00:18:51 | June 18th, 2024

Have you ever heard the name Baba Yaga? If so, what images come to mind? If you grew up with Slavic folklore, maybe you’ve heard tales of a child eating witch. Or perhaps you’ve heard stories of a kind-hearted sorceress. Good, bad, or indifferent, how can one figure symbolize so many seemingly opposing things? We’ll try to answer those questions and more on this episode of Unspookable.

S10E8 – Sea Monster Mash
00:30:52 | Season: 10 | Episode: 8 | June 14th, 2024

Oh Muses! Visiting some old friends and meeting some new faces in the sea monster and river beastie game! In this episode we encounter turning children into stones, mysterious black stallions, deep fake cryptids, a man in search of a wife, and the terror of the deep. You can listen to Greeking Out two weeks early and ad free on Wondery+! What’s that? You want another book? Okay!: https://bit.ly/grkoutbk2

Encore: The Little Blue Pebble
00:28:44 | June 11th, 2024

In this magical story with worldwide roots, Broadway performers Bret Shuford and Stephen Hanna (Broadway Husbands) play farmers who receive a little magic that leads to big transformations!

Episode 32: Mess With the Bull
54:45 | Season: 1 | Episode: 32 | June 10th, 2024

Kea and Flibbit take their Rummaging to a whole new level and take the fight to Zarr! Kea tries out some new tricks and she and Flibbit decide to take their rivalry with Zarr up a notch! 

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