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MIGRATION: The Boy Who Wanted a Friend
00:16:26 | Season: 6 | Episode: 13 | February 26th, 2024

In this special bonus episode, the Story Pirates reveal the winner of the Migration story contest and thank everyone who sent in a story.

2024-02-25 Spare the Rock for stations
59:00 | February 25th, 2024


Yarn & Protest Puppets (with Andy Ferguson)
00:30:47 | Season: 4 | Episode: 16 | February 23rd, 2024

Do you ever make things in your house? Do you ever use YARN? Unwind the knotty world of knitting, coziness, and monster design with our friends Lilah, Gertie, Dot, and Andy Ferguson a.k.a. musician & puppeteer, Red Yarn! Andy shares a paper bag craft, using pantomime to create new puppetry characters, and how crafting can contribute to protest movements. Our pal Angela Diveglia shares about her time working with Bread and Circus Theater and the giant protest puppets they’ve used in civic engagement since the 60’s. Many thanks to Andy Ferguson for sharing his artistry and Red Yarn’s song, Town Hall Meeting. You can find more of his music and puppetry at redyarnproductions.com. Thanks to librarian Angela Diveglia for hopping on the phone with old college friends to talk about her super-inspiring work (and muscles!) with Bread and Puppet Theater Company. If you’re in Vermont, look ’em up! Vocabulary & Ideas in this episode include:

Charles Hendy – The Mary Wallopers
00:25:21 | Season: 3 | February 22nd, 2024

Chatting with The Mary Wallopers- Charles Hendy!

Key Change World/The Boy Who Wanted To Be Famous (feat. Felicia Day)
00:40:40 | Season: 6 | Episode: 13 | February 22nd, 2024

Peter takes an unusual taxi cab ride with an even more unusual crab driver (Felicia Day). Featuring two new stories: “Key Change World,” a kaleidoscopic journey to a world made up of the building blocks of music, written by Jonas, a 5 year old from California, and “The Boy Who Wanted To Be Famous,” a story about the futility of seeking fame on the internet, written by an 11 year old from Missouri named Hugo.

A Musical Extravaganza Adventure – Part 2
17:39 | Season: 4 | Episode: 11 | February 22nd, 2024

Encore: The Basilisk’s Stare
00:20:16 | February 20th, 2024

In this tale inspired by a Polish legend, Nabiyah Be (Black Panther, Daisy Jones & The Six) and Evan Whitten (The Resident, Ahsoka) face off against a fantastical creature whose gaze turns people to stone.

Intergalactic 11 | Opening Night Jitters
00:17:26 | Season: 1 | Episode: 11 | February 20th, 2024

Moe’s made it across the galaxy and now only one thing stands between her and her gig with the Arkestra Obscura. Waiting for her when she arrives at the Arkestra’s gig at the Musicland Concert Hall is The Conductor and her special guest: Krupa Khan himself. And Krupa wants his sticks back. Want more kids podcasts for the whole family? Grown-ups, subscribe to Starglow+ here Learn more about Starglow Media here Follow Starglow on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube

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