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The Beauty of Accents and the Wonderful Stories They Tell
00:19:11 | Season: 2 | June 14th, 2024

In this episode we welcome back Dr. Victor Santos, a children’s book author and linguist, to dive into the fascinating world of languages, dialects, and accents. Join us as we explore how accents tell wonderful stories about the people around us and reflect their unique cultural backgrounds. Dr. Santos shares insights on the difference between dialects and languages, and how accents add to the vibrant diversity of our global society.

Why do oranges have peels?
24:19 | Episode: 236 | June 14th, 2024

Why do oranges have peels? Why is the inside of an orange segmented? Why are lemons and limes so sour? Why do lemons have seeds but limes don’t? Why does fruit have juice? How many oranges are in a gallon of juice? How do seedless oranges reproduce? How are oranges available year-round? Why are the fruit and the color both called orange? We’re answering questions about citrus with Fernando Alferez from the University of Florida’s Southwest Florida Research and Education Center. 

Why do we go bald?
00:07:05 | June 14th, 2024

Humans are mammals, which means that we have hair on our bodies and heads. Sometimes, as people get older, they lose some of that head hair. How does it happen? Do hair goblins come at night and sneak away with those silky strands? Ok, it’s probably not that. We asked pediatrician Dr. Emma Gerstenzang to help us find the answer.

The Inca Empire (Radio Edit)
00:28:09 | June 14th, 2024

Greg Jenner is joined by Professor Bill Sillar and comedian Sue Perkins to learn all about the South American Inca empire. At their height, the Inca controlled a vast territory from their base in Peru, one that stretched down the mountainous west coast of the continent, from Ecuador all the way down to Argentina. But the empire barely lasted for a century. Beginning in the mid-15th Century, it fell in the 1530s with the arrival of Spanish conquistadores, led by Pizarro. This episode goes beyond famous sites like Machu Picchu and explores all aspects of Incan life, death – and taxes! Along the way, it takes in social and family structures, food and drink, religious practices, art and architecture. [The podcast version of this episode has been edited slightly to amend an incorrect reference to the weight of the stones carried from Cuzco to Ecuador]

Two Whats?! And A Wow! – Two Whats?! And A World Record! (6/14/24)
00:14:19 | Episode: 759 | June 14th, 2024

This episode of Two Whats?! And a Wow! Is one for the Record Books! Literally! Guy & Mindy will help you separate the real records from the fake facts as we meet some real world-record holders! Visit https://bit.ly/3owDW5a for more.

S10E8 – Sea Monster Mash
00:30:52 | Season: 10 | Episode: 8 | June 14th, 2024

Oh Muses! Visiting some old friends and meeting some new faces in the sea monster and river beastie game! In this episode we encounter turning children into stones, mysterious black stallions, deep fake cryptids, a man in search of a wife, and the terror of the deep. You can listen to Greeking Out two weeks early and ad free on Wondery+! What’s that? You want another book? Okay!: https://bit.ly/grkoutbk2

Mighty Matilda and quiet dinners
13:00 | June 14th, 2024

We start today’s show taking it slow out in nature for some journalling, before we bid farewell to a mighty Matilda. Then, we’ll sit down for a meal designed for Autistic eaters, and head to the gallery to see the winners of this years Archibald Prize.

Get to Know Michelle Wie West
00:10:11 | Season: 8 | Episode: 14 | June 13th, 2024

Michelle Wie West is a professional golfer from Honolulu, Hawaii. She became the youngest player to qualify for a USGA amateur championship when she was ten years old. She plays on the LPGA Tour, and read the story of how the LPGA came to be. This podcast is a production of Rebel Girls. It’s based on the book series Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. This interview was written and produced by Joy Smith with sound design and mixing by John Marshall Media. Original theme music was composed and performed by Elettra Bargiacchi. Our executive producers are Joy Smith and Jes Wolfe. Thank you to the whole Rebel Girls team who make this podcast possible. Stay rebel!

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